3D VR Virtual Reality box without remote

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Product Description

 VR Box provides an easy way to turn your smart phone into a Virtual Reality Viewer and an ultimate 3D machine to watch movies and play video games in a fun way. It fits on almost every kind of smart phone and turns it into a VR set at the instant. It also comes with a Bluetooth Enabled remote control which can be paired with your smart phone to control your smart phone easily while enjoying the virtual experiences.


Compatible smartphone: 4.0-5.7 inch / 154*78mm 
Android devices: Samsung S3 S4 Note2 Note3, Blackberry, Sony, HTC, etc.
iOS devices: iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5/5S, iPhone 6, iPad, etc. 
PSP game machine. 

Specifications (VR Glasses):

Simulating effects: Distance of 3 meters, 1050 inch IMAX Screen 
Larger capacity. 
Material: high quality ABS  
Magnetic Control Device: NO 
Visual angle: 100% 
Image definition: 99% 
Lens: high definition aspheric surface (zero hurt to the eye) 
Lens size: 42mm 
Color shading: 0% 
Field of view/FOV: Level 

Specifications (Remote Control):

Interface type: USB 
Material: Plastic 
Vibration: NO 
Size: 73*31*13mm 
Support system: iOS, Android, PC 
Wireless protocol: Bluetooth 3.0 compliant 
CPU: ARM968E-S Core 
Battery: Rechargeable lithium battery. 3.7V, 180 mA 
Max endurance: 40 H 
operating current: 0.5-4 mA 
Standby current: 0.5-1mA 
Charge Current: 5V <200 mA 
Control your phone or your PC at a distance of as long as 10 meters. 
Suit for: Reading, music listening, photographing, watching movies, playing games, etc. 

Key Features:

  1. Works with more than 300 smart devices

  2. No cables or any other requirements, just plug and play

  3. Simulates a 1050” IMAX screen

Package includes: 

1x User Manual